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With a nationwide reach, Proteq supplies companies and individuals for the creation of their own brands in PPF or Nano Ceramics.

Enterprises that take advantage of nanotechnology vastly range from reputed manufacturers of household products, automotive care products, and sporting goods industries, to small businesses etc. At Proteq, we support these industries and businesses with bulk supply in their own brand labels for their businesses to grow further. We give that little extra push which makes a difference.

Our services include bottling, labelling, packaging, et all. And of course, every brand must have its own identity and originality. We understand this and employ this through physical characteristics personalized & hand-picked for every brand. This is your private label.

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How to make your own brand

Think, strengthen and secure principles and ideas.

Refer market reports, research for determining your business investment. Always think long-term.

Decide on what you would like to do in the Value Added Services market. It possibly could be a private label of car care products.

Define a relevant market for your brand.

Write down your steps for each stage.

Start with a trustworthy manufacturer offering private label care products to consistently supply products.

Most importantly, select your manufacturer not only by price but also with values.

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