Proteq - Paint Protection Films & Ceramic Coating For Your Car!


Proteq Autocare isn't just young entrepreneurs but is definitely men who walk their talk. We've been working with

our passion and thriving to work for a mission in providing premium and exceptional products in an affordable

range by epitomizing safety and efficiency. Know more about our works through these testimonials.

Talib Khatri

First of all, I would like to thank team Proteq. PPF application done on my Mercedes CLA professionally and with the best quality. If you love your pride and joy, I will recommend PROTEQ.

Amit Abhaynkar

I was not at all aware of the paint protection film. These guys from PROTEQ explained everything why it is important. It made me ready to get the full application on my Skoda Octavia VRS and trust me it been six months since then and still my car looks brand new like just brought from the showroom. Best investment for my car.

Rudraksh Bahl

My car is my baby, and to have it given to someone is like a major part of me. Proteq Autocare was like nannies to my baby. They handled it with care. Brand new as my car was when I first got it. Kudos to the team!

Bhavesh Bharmecha

Really nice guys, super helpful and polite as well. PPF application is done on my BMW and Mercedes E class fully. PROTEQ is the best place to go if you want your car to look new all the time.

Sumit Patil

My car looks brand new again! Great attention to detail and the best part, they come to you. Proteq Autocare has by far been my greatest choice.

Karan Nair

I'm a die-hard car fan, understanding to which my passion and knowledge of cars are vast. I needed someone who would have equal knowledge or maybe more than what I understood about cars. Proteq Autocare is just the right buddy who got me all the shine and hype for my car. Definitely recommending them to all my friends.

Proteq - Paint Protection Films & Ceramic Coating For Your Car!