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Automotive enthusiasts tend to place most of their focus on protecting their car’s paint and keeping their tires clean, but what about the windshields and windows? Don’t they deserve the same amount of love and attention? A growing trend in the automotive culture is applying a ceramic coating on glass – including windshields and rear windows.

Proteq Ceramic Shield




Protection from UV Damage / Oxidization

If a vehicle is often exposed to the sun, its paint will begin to oxidize, resulting in dulled and faded paint. A layer of Ceramic Shield coating protects a vehicle’s paint from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, thereby reducing the amount of oxidization.


Protection from Chemical Stains and Etching

Another danger for your car is chemical staining from naturally acidic contaminants. Ceramic Shield keeps some contaminants from bonding to your vehicle’s paint. The result is that your vehicle will be more resistant to staining and etching, provided the contaminant is removed promptly.


Ease of Cleaning

One of the most significant features of Ceramic Shield is that it is hydrophobic, which is a fancy way of saying it repels water. When a vehicle has hydrophobic coating, water will bead on the surface and slide off more easily. This means that mud and grime will have a more difficult time bonding to your vehicle’s paint, and when you wash your car, contaminants can be removed with less effort.


Enhanced Gloss

If you want your paint to pop with gloss, you will want to add Ceramic Coating. A good Ceramic Coating enhances the reflective properties of your car’s paint and clear coat, adding to the depth and clarity of your paint.


Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend a 7 days “no wash” period following the application. After this, car soap and water, rinse less, or waterless wash are all acceptable forms of washing.

It depends on the package you choose to do. Ceramic Shield coating is majorly designed as a PAINT PROTECTION coating for painted metal & plastic surfaces. Our Ceramic Shield family also consists of products that can be applied for other surfaces also like Wheels, Windshield, Window glasses, Chrome, Interior Leather, etc.

FOR BOTH. New Car needs it the most, to make it look even more beautiful and to maintain your Car clean easily & effortlessly.

Old Car is to be done if not done yet, to remove dullness & fadedness and to bring back your New Car shining & protect it further.

No. Each Car is different in terms of its paint quality, ageing & condition while performing the process. So, the results vary from one Car to another & will not be uniform across models


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