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A colourless and transparent physical protective film that covers the surface of automobile paint to avoid external damage. The film comes with good flexibility and does not affect the appearance of the original car paint after installation.

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Keeps Your Car Looking New and Shiny

PPF provides a permanent protective coat over your car’s paint, which helps you in keeping your car’s look new and shiny for a lot longer. It also prevents your car’s paint from fading and gives it a polished glossy appearance at all times.


Gives Your Car A Better Resale Value

Even if your car runs smoothly, poor appearance can significantly lower down its resale value. Paint protection is important to retain your car’s resale value as it protects your exterior from environmental and superficial damage.


Makes Car Cleaning Easier

PPF repels dust, so your car’s exterior will not have a dust build-up problem. This makes the cleaning job a lot easier because often you can simply use a soft cloth to clean your car instead of using water every time.


Repels Environmental Damage

Harmful UV rays of the sun can damage your car’s paint and make it look old too soon. Paint protection not only prevents your paint from UV rays, but also from scratches, rust, nicks, burns, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our manufactures offer a 3- 7 years warranty against cracking, peeling, hazing and bubbling.

Yes, our paint protection films can be safely removed if need be without leaving any residue and without damaging the paint.

No, you can wash and wax the vehicle just like you would to any other car. In fact, we recommend waxing the paint protection film to help bring out the shine.

If the scratch is a minor one, our self-healing paint protection film cures the scratch on its own! Just leave your car as it is in the sun, see the magic happen.


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Proteq - Paint Protection Films & Ceramic Coating For Your Car!